Export test cases

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Export test cases

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1.Select the set, folder or filter of test cases that you wish to export in the Explorer Tree.
2.Select List View


3.Select the gear icon to open a drop-down menu. If you only want test cases in your export, be sure to deselect steps. Select steps if you want to include them.


4.Select Export > Export to Excel.


If you did not select test steps your results will appear as follows.



If you selected test steps, each step will be assigned its own row in Excel. All other non-step related data for the test case will be duplicated for each step automatically.



Note that all step fields are included (Step #, Step action, Step expected results, Step notes). These columns cannot be configured in Jama application and must be adjusted after the export.

Exporting Test Cases to Word

Exporting test cases to Word can be done in the same manner as other item types, using Office Templates.