Field mapping for Excel

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Field mapping for Excel

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The mapping area shows three sections which are used to indicate what value specific fields of an item will get for the import.

Jama Item Field - This section indicates each of the fields available to the type of item in Jama you will be creating or updating.
Default Value - The values specified here for the coinciding Jama Item Field will be used if there is no value specified in an Excel field that is being mapped. Required fields in Jama will force users to provide a default value to prevent null or empty values.
Mapping - The mapping section contains a select list for each coinciding Jama Item Field. The select list is a list of column values in Excel from the "Excel Header Row" specified above. Select the Excel column value in the select list that is intended for each Jama Item Field.
Note: If you do not specify a mapping for a Jama Item Field, the Jama import will either skip the field (for updating existing items) or use the specified default value (for importing new items).