Field Mapping

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Field Mapping

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When you select files for import, you activate the Data Import Wizard. If Jama detects the file to be a DOC or DOCX, the Data Import Wizard pop-up will ask you to determine the Document Scope and to choose field mapping options for the import.


There are several options in the Field Mapping section:

Check the box next to Use Name field as description if no description is found if your target document has several heading sections with no text included. This option will populate both the name and the description field with the text found in the heading. This is best used when the names for the imported items will likely be updated with shorter names. (Note, this feature is not working for me)
Check the box next to Max length of Name field and enter a number of characters to limit the Name length. Jama will automatically truncate names to 255 characters so that the names do not overwhelm the explorer and results list. This option allows the user to further control the name length.
Below you will see a list with the Jama Item Fields, their Default Value and an explanation of how they are being mapped under Mapping. You may enter a Default Value for a particular field, however, rich text fields cannot have default values.

Field Mapping for Tables


1.Copy the exact field names from the tables and paste them into the appropriate Identifier cell.
2.Select any default values that will be used for all new items that do not have a value in the document you are importing.
Note: Rich text fields cannot have a default value. Also, you cannot map a workflow field (for example: Status).
3.Select Next and review the mapping of the first item found in the document you are importing.
4.If the mapping is correct Submit the target document to be imported. If the mapping is incorrect select Back and make the necessary adjustments.