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The Activity Stream is a combination of hundreds of ongoing discussions and the sheer amount of data can be overwhelming. Filters can make Stream more relevant to your day-to-day work by only displaying information you deem useful. Comments can be added to a filtered stream just as if it were the unfiltered stream. Once a filter has been created, it will only remain as long as the session is active. If you would like to reuse a particular filter, you can save it.

Stream Filters


Filters are additive, meaning that you can add as many filters as you need. Just enter the filter by typing and select Enter or select any relevant items that autofill displays. When typing, a space will stop the search in the autofill dropdown. Filters can be run on users (user name or full name), user groups or emails, items, releases, projects and tags and would filter on any comment that is associated with that user or group.

Stream Filter User

If you reference a user, user group, item, release and/or project, only those items/projects related to the person/group will display.

The filters you have chosen will be displayed at the top of Stream and each filter can easily be deleted by selecting the X next to the filter:

Remove Filter

Stream will refresh automatically after the addition or removal of each filter. Filter results will return in the order of when they were made.

Filter from comment

Select an item, tag or person in a comment to quickly create a filter.


Stream Click Filter


Stream filter tag


Stream Click Filter 2

Note: Filtering from a selection within a comment is not additive. Each selection will replace any current filter.


Saving filters

Once a filter has been created, you can save it for future use by selecting the star button, entering the name of your new filter and selecting Save.

stream filter save


In the future, selecting the saved filter from the Saved Filter pick list will allow you to quickly filter for your information:

stream filter save 2

Saved filters will be listed in alphabetical order.


Quick filters

To quickly filter on a specific action, select the Quick filter button and select the desired action. This will automatically add the action filter to the filter currently being displayed. Filters are additive, so you can filter on multiple actions by selecting them separately.

stream_quick filter


Note: Manually filtering on unresolved actions, such as !decisionneeded or !question will not result in items that have been resolved.

Sharing filters

If you would like to share your filter with another Jama user, you can copy the url and send the url to the other user via email. It can also be bookmarked if you would like to return to this view.

Stream Sharing filter