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Jama supports the use of an exported filesystem, such as NFS, for mounting the following directories, provided the path remains the same. We do not support mounting these directories in the cloud. The following two directories are on the application server:

/data: contains all Jama application user data including reports and attachments.

/logs: contains all log files of the Jama application components such as the following:

 /logs/tomcat: Apache Tomcat log files

 /logs/tomcat/contour: core Jama application log files

 /logs/elasticsearch: Elasticsearch log files

 /logs/search: search service log files

 /logs/nginx: Nginx log files (note that currently only error logging is provided for Nginx)


Note: You cannot change the location where log files are written to, however, you can change the appenders and logging levels for different components of Jama. The core Jama application log configuration can be updated in /data/log4jconfig/ The log configuration for Elasticsearch and search service can also be found in /data/config. Changes to these configuration files persist when you restart the Jama application and are applied in a few seconds.


Snapshots of the Jama application are stored in the following location by default: /var/lib/replicated/snapshots. We suggest changing this path to /var/lib/replicated/data/snapshots. This makes it easier to include these snapshots in your regular backups of Jama data at /data/directory. Note that /snapshots should have three times the space allocated as the rest of /data.