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Global IDs

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Global IDs are used to identify items that are connected through synchronization. Items that share this ID are considered the same artifact, despite being located in different areas of Jama, and possibly representing different versions of each other.


Note: Items that are reused but not synced will not share Global IDs. Before you can reuse and sync items within the same project, make sure your Jama Admin has the setting "Allow multiple items with the same Global ID in a single project" set to "Yes."


Global IDs consist of two or three parts, all of which can tell you useful information about the item at a glance.


Global ID Prefix

The first part, which will be the same across the organization, is the Global ID Prefix.




Your Jama Admin has the ability to set and change this prefix under the Admin tab. More information on setting and changing the Global ID prefix can be found in Organization Detail.


Item key

The second part is the item key.




Item keys tell you what type of item it is. They are created with the item type, but can be edited at a later time if needed under Admin > Item types > Edit.

Note: This portion of the ID is optional.


Global ID Counter Value

The last part is the Global ID Counter Value. The Global ID counter will only grow and cannot be reset or reduced. If a user attempts to set the counter value below the Last Used Global ID Counter, Jama will show an error message notifying the user to choose a greater value.