Set Hierarchy with Headings and Style

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Set Hierarchy with Headings and Style

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When importing items with a Microsoft Word document you can create hierarchies using styles.

Headings determine the name of the items and place them as parent and child items.
Normal describes a heading. Jama will move this text to the description field of the associated item.



For Headings to determine hierarchy you must use the default styles in Word like Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading 3 etc.
It is possible to use up to seven levels of hierarchy in Word.
Bullets, bold, italics, underline will keep the same formatting in Jama.
Jama will import numbered lists as bullets. When the list contains multiple levels Jama will continue to use bullets, however, each set will be indented to indicate where the original levels existed.

Example Document

In this Word document there are three levels of headings.


Once imported they appear as three items on three levels since sub-sections in Word are treated as sub-items in Jama.


The Headings serve as the item topics and the Normal text style translates to the Description field.