Unique IDs (keys)

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Unique IDs (keys)

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Unique, or item IDs, are unique identifiers for each item within Jama. Unlike a Global ID, this ID (key) cannot be duplicated.


Unique IDs consist of three parts that tell you about the item.


Project key

The first part is the project key.



Set key

The set key identifies item sets within your project. A set key does not have to be unique across sets or projects.




If needed, Project Managers or Administrators can change the set key to make it more specific to a set or project.


Note: It is possible to use the set key across multiple sets of the same item type. However, the set counter will be shared across all items using the same set key.


Set Counter

The last category is a set Counter, a number automatically added to the item. It's similar to the Global ID, except this number can be reset, if necessary.