IMAP/Collaboration settings

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IMAP/Collaboration settings

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IMAP/Collaboration settings are located on the General Properties tab under System Properties. It includes settings for using gmail on both IMAP and SMTP with Jama.


Note: Please check with your administrator whether your e-mail server supports IMAP. Your server must support IMAP to enable reply-to e-mails on the Stream.

IMAP/Collaboration settings

Collaboration "From" Address: The collaboration from address is the reply-to address that this setting controls. The e-mail address entered here should match the e-mail address being used for IMAP, so that replies to Stream e-mails will be sent to the same account that is setup to process the incoming mail.

IMAP Enabled: You must check "IMAP Enabled" to use collaboration stream reply-to e-mails.

IMAP Server: The domain address of your e-mail server.

IMAP Port: Port for IMAP access, typically differs from standard SMTP port. Standard ports for IMAP settings (some servers may differ):

 Non-SSL: 143

 SSL: 993

IMAP use SSL: Check this box if your e-mail server uses SSL.

IMAP User Account: This user account must have access to the folder that e-mails are being saved to.

IMAP User Password: Password for the user account.

IMAP Folder: Folder where collaboration e-mails are sent/saved to. This folder will be parsed by Jama on regular intervals and so it must be accessible by the user account.

IMAP Error Folder: This folder contains error e-mails. A separate error folder must be setup for IMAP to avoid parsing issues.


Sample Gmail folder setup: