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Run impact analysis

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Jama enables you to see the impact of a change to a selected item before the change is made. Jama displays the project items that may be affected. This is a benefit of implementing project traceability as it can save time and ensure you understand all the possible impacts.

For example, if a business analyst is about to change a requirement, Jama can show who is currently assigned to a related design document, test case, or an already completed help page.

1.From the desired item's detail view select Views > Impact Analysis.
2.The impact analysis starts from the selected item (highlighted with an orange background) and then follows downstream trace relationships to display directly impacted items.
3.To view upstream items that may be impacted by a change, select Upstream in the list header.
4.You can use this window to browse items "on the fly" by selecting the ID. The item will show up in a detail tab. You might need to move the impact analysis panel to see the item detail tab.

Note: The filter panel includes some optional fields that are not displayed on relationships by default.



Filtering Impact Analysis

Viewing all relationships in both directions can create a lot of noise when all you care about are the change requests related to an item and not every test or defect.

1.Select the Filter button located in the top left side of the window.


2.Select the target item types you want to view. No selections will display impacted items of all item types.
3.Select a release for the target items. Only items with the selected releases will display. No selections will display impacted items of all releases.
4.Select Yes under Show null releases? to display impacted items that have a null release value.
5.Select the relationship configurations that you want to view.
6.Use the Apply button to filter with the current settings and the Reset button to start over.

Relationship filter settings

Relationship filter: show these types

Only items of the item types specified here will display. No selection will display relationships to items of all item types.

Relationship filter: type

Only relationships of items containing the specified relationship type will display. No selection will display the relationships to items containing any relationship type. See relationships in Administration to edit relationship types.

Relationship filter: status

Enabling this option will display only items with the specified relationship status. No selection will display items of all relationship statuses. Relationship status fields can be edited in Administration pick lists (Relationship status type).

Relationship filter: note

When enabled, text entered here will only display items where the text specified is contained within a relationships note field.