DOORS import prerequisites

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DOORS import prerequisites

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Jama imports DOORS Modules into Jama sets, or folders within an existing Set. DOORS Attributes will map to Jama fields, if applicable.

Jama prerequisites

In order for you to import relationships (or trace links) from DOORS to Jama, you must first create a new custom field for each item type you are importing. This field will be used to contain a unique identifier that will enable you to import trace relationships from DOORS into Jama.

1.Within Jama, navigate to Admin > Item types.
2.Choose the item type you are using for your DOORS imports and select Config under Action.
3.Select Add Field.
4.Select the Custom Fields radio button and Text Field from the drop-down.

5. Next to Field Label, enter "Doors ID" or something equivalent.

6. Next to Unique Field Name, enter "SYS_DOORS_ID". This is case sensitive and must exactly match the image below. Select Read Only and Save. This step is required.



7.Now this item type will be able to accept relationships (trace links) imported from DOORS.
Note: When creating trace relationships between Jama items, this field needs to be created for ALL item types you are relating.
Note: Jama relationships cannot be created until both the "source" and "target" objects (items) that you want to relate have been imported.



DOORS Prerequisites

There are two standard DOORS columns that are essential to a successful import to Jama. These columns must be visible in DOORS prior to exporting the data from DOORS.​

The Object Identifier column must include unique Object Identifiers whenever you plan to import relationships (trace links) across modules. The Object Identifier is a combination of the Module Prefix and the Absolute Number (e.g. SYS32). DOORS does not enforce a unique Object Identifier across Modules, but if you specify a unique prefix for each Module, then the Object Identifiers will be unique. If the Object Identifier has only integer values, the Module Prefix is most likely empty. 
The Object Heading and Text column (also called the Main Column) is the only column that will export hierarchy information to HTML files for Jama import.