Initiate a review

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Initiate a review

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You can create reviews for any group of items within a project and any Jama user can participate in the review. You must have access priveleges to items you send for review. By default, you become the moderator for reviews you create.
Note: You can change the moderator by selecting Update moderators.

1.To initiate a review in Projects, select Send for review from the Actions drop-down menu, or right-click on the desired item in the Explorer Tree and select Send for review.



You can also initiate a review by selecting Reviews in the Jama header, then selecting Start a review.



2.Select the Review settings. If you initiated the review within a particular set or item in Projects, the project, item and name will already be selected by default. If you open a review in Reviews you'll need to select the project and items.


Project: Select the project from the list of projects available to you.
Items for review: Select the items to be included in the review. This can be by project, set, release, filter or by individual item selection.
Note: If any fields in these items contain links to Jama attachments, reviewers will need at least project read permissions to view the attachments.


Review name:  Moderators can override the default entry and enter a different name, if they want. Note that the review name is also the name of the review's baseline.
Review deadline: This is the deadline for participants in the review. Review participants receive email reminders as the deadline approaches.
Note: When a review is created the review deadline is expressed in the time zone of the creator. All emails notifications include the review deadline in the UTC time standard.
3.Select optional settings.
Enable time tracking: Tracks the amount of time each reviewer spends within the review. The clock that tracks the time is visible to all participants.
Notify me when a reviewer completes a review: Sends notification emails to the moderator when a reviewer marks a review complete.
Include related items in review: Includes items related to review items to give better context. This selection adds an extra step in the review creation process.
4.Enable voting.
Enable voting on items: Allows reviewers to vote on individual items. This can provide input on priority or other issues the moderator needs to resolve.
oVotes per user: The number of votes each user has for the review.
oVoting label: The label that describes the voting purpose to participants.
5.Select Next to proceed.
6.If you chose to include related items in the previous step, select the sets of related items you want to include. You can filter items by relationship direction, item type, and relationship type. Reviewers will see the related items you've selected at the bottom of each review item.


7.Select the review participants. Invite users from inside or outside your project by selecting the appropriate tab (Project team or Outside project team) and either select their name, or invite by email. Moderators can select complete groups or optionally select individual users from a group. Inviting a reviewer by email creates a new reviewer-licensed user in Jama with the specified email address as the username. If there are not enough reviewer licenses, a pop-up window will ask the moderator to modify the invitees.
Note: LDAP/AD or Crowd enabled systems can not invite outside users.
Note: These options must be configured for reviews to work as shown.

inviteotherstoreview (1)

8.Use the green check button next to a user's name to designate them as an approver. Users who are not approvers can still participate in a review, but cannot mark items approved or rejected. Select the box at the bottom of the middle window if you want to require an electronic signature from approvers.
Note: Electronic signatures are not compatible with external user password management tools like LDAP or Crowd.
9.Customize your invitation. These options must be enabled in the Review Center Settings.

Make it public - This option makes the review visible beyond those invited to participate. This is configured in public review settings. Your Organization Administrator can choose from two options:

Anyone with access to Review Center - Anyone, regardless of project permissions, can see all items in the review.
Only those with permission to ALL the items in the review - Only users with access to all items in the review can see a public review.

When you create a review, the description next to the "Make it public" option will indicate which option your Organization Administrator has selected. Only invited users can participate in a review. Participants will be able to see all review items, even if they do not have rights to see those items in a Jama project.

Allow approvers to add other reviewers and approvers - Review approvers can add other reviewers and approvers.

Let approvers delegate their review to others - Review approvers can delegate their approval to another reviewer.

10.Select Next to customize the invitation email or Previous to go back.
11.Customize the invitation to make any updates, such as editing the subject or review instructions.


12.Select Begin review.