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Sometimes a quick update is needed, editing each individual item is inefficient and the updates are unique enough that a batch update is not much of an improvement. The solution is inline editing directly from the List or Single Item Views.

Edit a field

1.In the List, Reading or Single Item Views, double-click on the target field. If your are viewing multiple item types, such as in a filter, only fields that belong to that item will be editable.

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2.Make the desired change.
3.Pick lists, text fields and user selections can also be edited. If you are viewing a list with multiple item types, the pick list will display only the appropriate values for the selected item.
4.When making multiple changes to items try tabbing though the fields.
5.To save an item, select the Save button directly under the row, move to another row by selecting Enter or selecting off of the row, or use the Ctrl-S keyboard shortcut.
6.Hitting the Escape key will undo any unsaved changes, as will selecting Cancel just below the selected item.

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