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Create diagrams

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The diagramming tool allows for basic drawing functionality within Jama.

Note: This tool does not allow importing from other diagramming tools such as Microsoft Visio or drawing tools such as Word or Paint. It also does not allow copy/pasting from the diagramming tool into other applications or copy/pasting into the diagraming tool.


Starting the diagramming tool

First, select the diagram icon to start up the diagramming tool


If you already have a diagram in the description field, highlight the diagram by selecting it, then select the Diagram button.


Working in the tool

After you have opened the diagramming tool you can begin drawing your diagram. Here are some tips to getting started:

1. Create new shapes by dragging and dropping into the canvas:


2. To create a copy of the shape, hover over the arrow in the middle of the shape and drag it over. This both duplicates and links the shapes together.


3. To link two different shapes together, hover over the arrow in the middle of one shape and drag it over to the other shape.


4. To add some text to the shape, double-click on it, type your text and hit Enter.


5. Containers are a special type of item that allow you to group shapes together. You can create links into and outside of the container, to shapes within the container and you can also create links to the contain item itself (use the bar on the top). Minimizing the container will move all shapes within out of view and truncate the links within the container.


6. To save your diagram, select Save and Close at the bottom-right. This will return you to Jama.


Note: This tool does not allow custom clip art or images.


Advanced Options

Show XML / Parse XML: These options are specifically for copying a diagram from one area of Jama to another. Jama's diagrams are stored in an XML format which you can copy when using the Show XML option. If you open up a new diagram and use the Parse XML option, it will give a space to copy the XML into. This will rebuild the diagram in the new window. These options should only be used for special circumstances. It is much easier to copy the picture of the diagram and paste it to another item in Jama through the descriptions.