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Insert images

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There are four ways to include images into the editor. Once the image has been inserted into the editor, it can be resized by grabbing and dragging the bottom right corner. The image can be moved by hovering over the top left corner, grabbing the handle and dragging the image to its new location. A maximum height and width setting can be applied in the System's settings.

Note: For security reasons, SVG files cannot be uploaded using the rich text editor.

Upload image into editor

1.Place your cursor in the location you want the image to be inserted.
2.Select the Add image button RTEAddImageBtn from the editor's toolbar.
3.Browse for a file, select it and then select Open.
4.The image can be resized by clicking and dragging the corners or by double-clicking on the image.

Note: To enable images to be included by the reporting system including 3rd party converters to PDF and Word, we are required to provide the full path to the image file. If you move Jama to a new server location or modify the server name, you’ll need to edit your image files to reference the name change. We are working on a solution that allows relative paths.

Upload an image using copy and paste

Note: This functionality is not available using IE10.

1.Copy an image, graph, or chart.
2.Place your cursor in the location you want the image to be inserted.
3.Select the Paste button.
4.Select Ctrl + V to paste the image into the dialog box.
5.Select OK.

Note: Use Ctrl + V instead of the Paste button to paste the image directly into the rich text editor instead of into the dialog box.

Drag and drop an image

Jama allows users to drag an image from outside of Jama and drop it into the rich text editor.

Browse the server for images

The Add image from server button allows an image already uploaded into Jama to be inserted into the text.

1.Select the Add image from server RTEAddFromServer button from the toolbar.
2.Choose an image from the list and select Select to use a pre-existing image.
3.Select OK to insert the image to the document.