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Compare View

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The Compare View window compares and allows you to synchronize a selected item to another linked item. Yellow highlights display where the items do not match. In addition, you may view saved Compare Views listed in the Compare View window.


Synchronizing 1 item:

Select the LeftSyncBtn button or RightSyncBtn button next to the item you wish to synchronize. The arrows display the direction the data will be going.

Synchronize All items:

Select the LeftSyncBtn button or RightSyncBtn button in the grid header. This will synchronize all items in the grid in the direction you selected. The Batch Sync window shows that you will be doing a batch sync:


Note: Synchronization updates will only be allowed on those projects to which you have edit permissions. You may pull data from those projects to which you have read-only rights, but you will not be allowed to push data to things in those projects.

Note: Only those fields that have been flagged as synchronized fields will have their data updated. Sub-items are added to the destination if they only exist in the source. This is the only view where you can update sub-items in bulk without selecting them individually.

Sometimes, Compare View will not give you enough information to determine whether or not you want to sync something. To see a more detailed look at each item:

Select the SyncDetailBtn Compare View button for the item you want to compare. The Detailed Compare View window will then appear.

Note: If you need to customize the fields available on the screen, select Configure view to view the Configure Compare View window.