Item versions

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Item versions

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A new item version is created each time you commit an update. The list on the Versions tab contains basic information to help you differentiate between the versions. The current version is displayed next to the item name and is also shown in a small circle on the Version button on the right of the item.



Option is used to select a version to Compare with another version of the same item


Option is used to select a version to Compare with another version of the same item


Jama incremented identifier for each version.


A point in time where all items in a project are marked such that that point in time can be recreated and reported against. Only those versions that were active when a baseline was created will have a value in this cell.

Change Details

The system will generate automatic change details to reflect the changes made by the user.

User Comment

These are the comments that were applied when the user committed their update.


The date and time that the new version was created.


The users that made the update to the item that resulted in a new version.


The only action is Make Current which takes a copy of the selected version and inserts it as the latest version for an item. Jama will only allow you to revert to a previous version of the same item type.

Compare Versions

Jama provides you with the ability to compare two versions of the same item to each other.

1.Select the From version and To version.
2.Select the Compare button.
3.A window will open that has the complete detail of the items selected; the From version will be on the left-side and the To version on the right-side.


4.The fields containing differences will be highlighted.
5.Select Show details to see the values before and after.


Note: Show details is helpful when trying to determine differences in Text and String fields where only a few characters may have changed.


Making a past version of an item current


1.Find the item version that you would like to make current
2.Select Make current.


Note: All pick list values that existed at the time the previous version of the item was active will be restored, even if that value has since been removed as an option for new items.