LDAP authentication

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LDAP authentication

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This feature requires a user to be logged in as System Admin (root).

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a tool for organizations to centralize the management of user accounts. Jama includes a built in integration which allows connections to LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.


LDAP must be configured before it can be used in Jama to authenticate users against your LDAP server.


Configuring Jama to Use LDAP

LDAP can be configured and enabled under System Properties > Authentication Properties > LDAP.


LDAP Properties

Enable LDAP: Select this to enable LDAP and disable the default Jama authentication. Changes will take effect once settings are saved.
Enable Self Registration: Users can register themselves by logging into Jama using their LDAP credentials. If successfully authenticated they will be prompted to register for Jama. Without self-registration, users must be added manually by an Org Admin. Once registered, users will be assigned a license type based on what is available.
If there are available creator licenses, they are assigned a creator license.
If no creator licenses are available, the users will be assigned a creator (float) license.
If there are no creator or creator float licenses available, the user will be created but set to inactive. An Admin must manually give the user an active license.
Default Organization for Self-registered User: Select the organization self-registered users should be assigned to by default. There should only be one organization to choose.
Default User Group for Self-registered User: Select the group a self-registered user should be assigned by default.




Add a provider

LDAP authentication allows multiple directories to be configured.


To add a new provider select Add AD Provider or Add LDAP Provider depending on the LDAP tool you use. This will open the Connection Wizard.


After saving the connection, select Synchronize Now to manually sync all existing users in Jama to LDAP. This will update user information with attributes from LDAP. Any users in Jama who are not registered in LDAP will be deactivated.


Note: Users in LDAP that do not already exist in Jama will not be synchronized. New users will need to be added manually with existing LDAP credentials.