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Export to Excel

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Jama provides a high degree of functionality when working with lists, but sometimes you may want to work with data in Excel. Jama can export all of the items you have selected to a Microsoft Excel document. The default Excel export is a boilerplate that was created with Office Template and can be modified (link) to meet your needs.

1.Select the data you wish to export either from an advanced filter or in the Explorer Tree.
2.Select Reading View or List View depending on your desired output.
oList View will export one item to a row, with each field in a separate column.
oReading View will export one item to a row, with each field in a separate column, including any hierarchy in the items to show context.

Note: Item fields that contain line breaks will be broken up into multiple rows within Excel. For example, an item's Description field that contains three distinct paragraphs will open in Excel as three rows in the Description column. For ease of use we recommend only exporting fields that are not rich text or contain line breaks.

3.In the upper right navigation, select Export. Use either the Export to Excel quick link, or choose Office Templates to find the three default types of Excel exports:

Export to Excel: This will generate a report based on the view and columns displayed in the results. Warning: You cannot import or update items in Jama with this Report.  If you want to update items use Excel export for round trip.

All Item Details: This generates a report of items in your current results set plus all field data for each item. You cannot re-import or update items in Jama with this Report. Importing from this report will generate new Jama items.

Excel export for round trip: This report includes all available fields and allows you to make edits to the spreadsheet. You can then import the changes back into Jama to update these items.

Note: Users must generate round-trip reports in the Reading View or they must include the description column in the List View.

4.Open the file.