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Lock items

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When editing an item, Jama will automatically lock the item so others may not make updates at the same time. When you commit your changes, Jama automatically unlocks the item.

Note: Relationships may still be created on items that are locked, and locked items may still be copied.

Lock an item

You may also manually lock and unlock items. This is useful if you wish to work on items for an extended period of time. To lock or unlock an item, select the button with the lock icon in the item’s toolbar.

unlocked     lockedAction

Items locked by a user will appear with a gray lock:

user lock


Items locked by workflow transition will appear with a blue "system" lock:

Item Lock Workflow Hosted


These system locked items will only unlock when transitioned by workflow, by an Organization admin, or project admin.


Identify the user that locked an item

If an item is locked by another user, then Jama will display on the item's detail tab the user who has locked the item when you hover over the lock icon. Locked items may be copied.

locked Item

Add the Locked, Locked By and Last Locked columns manually to the List View using the Configure menu.

Configure List View Hosted



My Locked items

To view all the items you have locked, select My profile in Jama's header. From the Locked Items tab you can view a list of locked items and unlock them as needed.


Note: Administrators may unlock other user's items from this window as well.

Workflow lock

Items may also be locked from a workflow transition. This is useful if an item transitions to a state where Project Managers want to lock down any changes to the item. For example, when an item is in "Draft" or "In Progress" status, the item remains unlocked so it can be updated. But when the item transitions to the "Approved" status, Project Managers may want to lock the item so no further change can be made without initiating a formal change process.

Administrators and Project Managers may specify specific state transitions to lock the item via the Administration > Workflow page. Note that when items are locked, Jama can no longer synchronize them to any integrated tools outside of Jama such as JIRA or RALLY.