Manage a Trace View

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Manage a Trace View

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Saving a view

To save a Trace view select Save when looking at the desired view.




The drop-down menu will convert to an editable field. Edit the name and select Save.




Once the Trace view is saved, a "Last saved" text will appear under the name.


Trace Views can be bookmarked for quick access.


Bookmark Saved


Note: The Trace view date format is inherited from a different format than other items in Jama. In order to match formats, you must have the Javascript Day/Month/Year Format and Javascript Date Time Format in the same order. This is most notable when using a European date format.


Viewing a saved view

A saved view can be opened in the drop-down menu on any Trace view. Selecting the saved view will load it.




Saved views will also appear in the Recently Viewed section of the home page.




A view can be accessed by a direct URL. The URL can be copied from the browser when looking at the view.


Sharing a view

Trace views can be shared with other users via a URL. Users can create a modifiable copy of the view using the Save button.


Renaming a view

To rename a view, select the pencil icon.




Update the view's title.



Select Save to commit your changes. Select Cancel to discard your changes.