Create and edit baselines

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Create and edit baselines

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Manually create a baseline

1.Select the Baseline tab in the project navigation panel.




2.Select Add baseline.
3.Select the items, releases, or filters you want to baseline



Example: Create a new baseline by selecting items.


Example: Create a new baseline by selecting a release.

Note: Each new baseline is restricted to the options available on a specific tab. Selections cannot be made across different tabs.

4.Enter a Baseline name and Description. Baselines created via Item Selection will require a folder name.




5.Select Save to create the baseline.


Note: Items without versions will not be baselined.


Automatically generate a baseline

Jama automatically creates a baseline when you create a review. Baselines like these give people a way to compare reviewed items before and after the review. This is especially helpful when there are multiple revisions to a review.


Review-generated baselines are located under the Baseline tab of the project where the items reside. Each review baseline will display with the prefix "Review" and the name of the review added.




Edit baseline detail

The items' versions within a baseline cannot be changed once created. Users can edit the baseline name and description, view the contained items, compare their versions and approve a baseline with a digital signature. Users must have Manage project permissions to edit a baseline.

1.Select the baseline from the Baselines tab.


2.The selected baseline's detail is shown.


3.Select the Actions menu and select Edit to update the name and description. This option is also available when right-clicking on the baseline under the Baseline tab.

Delete a baseline

User must have Manage project permissions to delete a baseline.

1.From the targeted Baselines tab, select Delete from the Actions menu to remove the baseline from the project. This option is also available when right-clicking on the baseline under the Baselines tab.
2.The system will ask for confirmation before removing a baseline.


3.Right-clicking the folder will provide an option to delete the folder and all baselines contained within it.