Manage bookmarks

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Manage bookmarks

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With bookmarks, you can keep content you view frequently at the top of your homepage. Bookmarks remain at the top of the homepage, sorted by most recently viewed. Projects, components, folders, sets, filters and Trace Views can be bookmarked for future reference.

Add a bookmark

You can bookmark content that appears on your homepage. Any recently viewed content can be bookmarked.


Select the empty bookmark icon empty_bookmark to bookmark content. When content is bookmarked, the icon will be filled filled_bookmark and content will appear under the Bookmarks section of the homepage.




In the Trace View, you can bookmark any saved views directly. Select the empty bookmark at the top of the page, and you will see that Trace View bookmarked on your homepage.




Remove a bookmark

To remove a bookmark, select the filled bookmark icon. Once the item is removed, it will appear at the top of the Recently viewed section.