Manage test steps

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Manage test steps

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Create a Test Step

1. Select the Add Step button in the Steps field grid.




2. Enter the Action, Expected Results and Notes text if desired. Tabbing allows the user to move from field to field in the grid and will also take you to the next line to automatically enter a new Test Step.

Note: Test Steps are plain text by default. Rich Text can be enabled to allow basic formatting and embedded images.


3. Once the entire Test Case has been entered, select Save to save the item or Save and Close to save the item and close the window. Checking the Add Another check box will display the Save and New button which will allow you to automatically create a new Test Case after saving the current one.


Edit a Test Step

To edit a Test Step, double-click the step you want to edit and make any necessary changes.


Note: Putting the cursor in the test step number field will cause the entire Test Step to become highlighted.


Edit rich text steps

Text in Test Steps can be formatted similar to a normal rich text field.




Images can be added from the user's computer or selected from existing Jama attachments. Large images will be resized automatically to fit the width of the cell, like a thumbnail. The full sized image can be viewed by navigating to the image location. Depending on your browser, right-clicking will offer the option to open the image in a new tab or copy the image location.




Be sure to select the Save button before closing the window to save any changes.

Move a Test Step

There are two methods for moving Test Steps.

1.Select the up/down arrows of the step you wish to move. This will move that step in the direction of the selected arrow.
2.Highlight the row(s) to be moved by placing the cursor in the test step number field(s), dragging and dropping the steps to the desired position. You can select multiple steps by holding the Ctrl or Shift key


Insert a Test Step

Select the Insert Step icon insert_test_step to insert a Test Step below the selected step.


Delete a Test Step

Select the Remove Step icon to delete a Test Step. Depending on which mode you choose to edit the item, this icon will appear as a trashcan trash_icon or red circle delete_icon.