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Map item Fields

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Once the item types have been configured, the field mappings must be completed.

1.Make sure there is a project selected in the Mapped Projects section. In the Mapped Item Types section, select Edit field mappings.

jira edit field

2.Select the JIRA Field from the pick list that you would like to map.

Note: If any of the JIRA fields are required, a Jama field must be mapped to it, or the item will not synchronize.

3.Choose the appropriate Sync Mode for the field mapping.
On Creation Only - This field will only be imported only on the first sync.
One Way: From Jama - Only changes made in Jama will sync to JIRA. Any changes made to the field in JIRA will be overwritten by the Jama sync.
One Way: Into Jama -Only comments added in JIRA will sync to Jama. Any changes to the field in Jama will be overwritten by the JIRA sync.
Bi-directional - items added or changes made in Jama or JIRA will sync to the other application. If changes are made in both systems, the Conflict Resolution Mapping will determine which application to update.

Note: If the Plain Text has been selected when creating the connection, rich text will be stripped from fields before they are imported into JIRA. If the fields are then synced to Jama, they will remain plain text.

4.For fields mapped with Bi-directional Sync Mode, select a Conflict Resolution.
Use Jama - Jama's data will be used when changes have been made to both applications.
Use JIRA - JIRA's data will be used when changes have been made to both applications.
5.Select Save and close.

JIRA field mappings


Clearing Synced Data

When a set is synchronized, Jama items are given several JIRA-required fields.These read-only fields will need to be cleared to establish a new mapping.


When the sync first runs or an item is added to the job, the Jama item is given a JIRA ID for reference.


This gives Jama users a direct link to the item in JIRA.

Last Updated in JIRA

To prevent conflicts and unnecessary changes, the date the item was last modified in JIRA is displayed in the Jama item.


How to Clear Synchronization Data

1.Select Admin in the Jama header.
2.Select Clear Synchronization Data. This will clear the contents from all fields used to make and track synchronization.
3.This window will present you with a checkbox to clear mappings. If "Additionally, remove all of the current mappings from this JIRA configuration” is checked, all field mappings for all projects will be cleared.

jira clear sync data

4.Select Clear Synchronization Data to delete the information from the mapping. Note: The synced items will not be deleted.
5.Check a Jama item that was previously synced. All of the SYS_JIRA fields, such as JIRA URL and Last Updated in JIRA, should be cleared. Note: If you clear all sync data and then map the same items from Jama to JIRA, you will be creating duplicates in JIRA. The items will have new IDs after clearing mapping, so any previously created items will not be synced with.