Migrate databases

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Migrate databases

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There are several reasons you may want to migrate your database. Below are common reasons for migrating a database.

Setting up a test server
Switching from one database management system to another (e.g. Oracle to SQL Server)
Migrating servers

Migrate the database following the steps below.


Get a backup

Note: If configuring a test server, you must disable the following features before taking the backup. This prevents duplicate information from being sent out from both your test and production environments.

Legacy connectors such as the JIRA, TFS, and Rally connectors


If you are migrating from the the same database type, such as MySQL to MySQL, we recommend performing a proprietary backup and restore instead. If this is a migration from a version of Jama earlier than 8.0 or you are migrating between different database types, follow the instructions below.

Generate a backup of your database using your current installation of Jama.
Note: If migrating from a version of Jama earlier than 8.0, this must be an XML backup. Migrating between versions greater than 8.0 can use a .jama export.
Copy the backup file (.xml or .jama extension) to the new Jama server. The backup must be stored under /data/restore.
Note: The restore folder might not exist by default. Create the folder if it does not exist.
Ensure the restore folder and backup file have permissions to be read by all users and groups ("-rw-r--r--").


Migrate existing data

See Migrating Existing Data for information on what data should be migrated.


Load the backup

New database installation

If this is your first time setting up Jama, walk through Installing Jama.


Updating a preexisting Jama instance

If you are migrating data to a Jama instance which is already configured with a database, such as a test server, follow the steps below.

1.In the Admin Console, stop Jama.
2.On the Jama server, remove the tenant.properties file located under /data/tenant/.
3.In the Admin Console under Settings > Database Settings, make any changes to point to your new database. See Database Installation, if creating a new database.
4.If you are restoring from a Jama generated backup (.xml or .jama), enter the backup file path under the Restore Jama Backup section in the Admin Console.
5.Save the settings.
6.Start Jama.