Migrate from Replicated 1.x to 2.x

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Migrate from Replicated 1.x to 2.x

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Prior to migrating, be aware that the /var/lib/replicated directory is backed up as a part of the migration. This directory includes any previously created snapshots.

This means that your Jama server must have adequate disk space to support backing up this entire directory. In addition, the larger the size of this directory, the longer the migration will take. To reduce migration time and required disk space, move all snapshots except the most recent to a separate location.



Follow steps 1 & 2 to upgrade Replicated. If you are also upgrading Jama, continue with steps 3 & 4.

Note: We recommend making a backup and snapshot of Jama before upgrading Replicated.


1.Stop Jama from the Admin Console.
2.Run the migration script from the application server to upgrade Replicated.
1.If the Jama Admin Console is password protected, run the following command first:

sudo replicated login


2.To perform the update and migration, run the following cURL command in the Jama server. During the migration, the application server must have access to the internet. If your security requirements do not permit this, you should consider airgap installation as an alternative.

curl -sSL https://get.jamasoftware.com/migrate-v2 | sudo bash -s no-auto


3.You will be prompted to specify the location where the backup data will be stored. Input your preferred directory or press Enter to use the defaults.

3) Backing up Replicated...

Enter directory in which to backup Replicated data (/var/lib/replicated_backups):


4.Once the upgrade is complete, Jama will start back up.

Note: There is an issue with replicated in which the final step that starts Jama does not complete before the update times out. If step 7 says it was unable to start the app, this is most likely not true. Verify by navigating to your Jama instance.



7) Starting service...

Error: unable to start the app

3.Once the Admin Console is available, select Check Now on the Admin Console Dashboard. This should find the latest update of Jama available.


4.Continue upgrading Jama.