Modify a review

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Modify a review

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Only a moderator can modify a review. In a review, use the Actions drop-down to EditCloseFinishArchiveRecoverDelete a review, as well as Update moderatorsAdd reviewers, or Publish a new revision.


Finish review lets the moderator add any final comments on a review.
Edit review lets the moderator alter the review settings, like changing the deadline or inviting new reviewers, without updating the review's version.
Close review closes a review. Once closed, the moderator can mark a view Finished to trigger any workflow actions on the items. Closed reviews can be recovered or archived.
Delete review removes the review. A deleted review can be recovered by going to My reviews, selecting View, followed by Deleted.

Reviews can also be modified by using the Actions column in the List View:


Note: Review Administrators can also perform these actions.