Create and configure item types

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Create and configure item types

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Item types are the templates for sets used within each project. While the sets are unique to each project the item types are for the entire organization. Each item type can be configured to best fit your organization and methodology.

Hint: The fewer item types that your organization creates the easier it will be to manage items within Jama and report on the sets that are based on the item types.

Item types cannot be customized for individual projects.

Item type details


Reference ID for the item type used for reporting purposes. Cannot specify or change this when adding or editing an item type.


Display name for a single item of this item type (Required).

Display (Plural)

Display name for multiple items of this item type (Required).


Description for this item type.

Key type

Prefix to use when generating IDs for new items in this item type (Required).


Item types can be assigned as a "Test Case" category allowing them to be utilized in the Test Management functionality of Jama.

Item types assigned to the "Progressable" category will have Estimate and Status fields added to the item.

For any other item type, set this to "None".


Extended applications of an item type.

Includes: Activities, Relationships, Attachments, Links, Tags, Versions, Test Results, Change Request and Synchronized items.


Display icon to use for this item type (this is required). Icons are used as the set icon, the list view icon and the icon at the upper-left of the item view.


Create an item type

1.Select the Item Types tab in under Admin.
2.Select Add type or Edit if there is an existing item type you’d like to modify.
3.Complete the Name, Description and Display fields. The Unique ID Prefix is the default ID Prefix that will be shown when creating a set using the item type and can be overwritten.


4.Finally select the widgets that your item type will need when working with individual items. These selections will show up as tabs in the item detail view.

Hint: It is typically best practice to select the widgets: Versions, Activities, Relationships, Attachments, Links, Tags and Synchronized items.

Change request should only be used for change request item types.

Note: Adding the Relationship widget will add the the Relationship Status Indicator as well. They can not be used separately.

Selenium and Test Results are legacy testing widgets that are no longer supported.