Configure item type fields

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Configure item type fields

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Each item type is made up of a group of configurable fields.

1.Select Config for the item type you’d like to modify in the Item Types tab.
2.The list of fields shown are the fields that the user will have when working with an item. By default each item type in Jama includes: Short Name, ID, Description, Assigned and Release.


3.To reorder fields, select the desired row and use the green up and down arrow buttons.
4.To remove a field, select the desired row and select the button with the red X icon.

Field types

There are two types of fields that can be added to an item type: Predefined Fields and Custom Fields. The differences are primarily centered around how Jama populates them and how the user makes their selections. Both field types can be used within an item type.

Predefined Fields

These fields are the simpler of the two and will make up the majority of the fields used in an item type. These fields are indexed and can be searched without using the database field name.

Custom Fields

Custom fields provide users the ability to create many of the predefined fields and others including: multi-select fields, URL fields, rollup and item of type fields. These fields are not indexed and therefore must be searched using the field name.

The multi-select field is populated by a Jama pick list.
URL fields are validated and displayed as a link.
Rollup fields are fields that capture the progress being made on downstream items. Calculated fields are calculations based on other fields. Calculations on both of these fields are indexed and updated every minute.
Item of type fields are used to reference other items of a designated type.

System Fields

Certain functionality in Jama automatically adds unique fields to an item type. For instance, enabling the "Test Case" category adds 2 unique system fields to an item type or when enabling the JIRA Connector on an item type it will add a few fields which are utilized to maintain item synchronization.

Field Options

There are a group of options that can be configured on each field of the item type.

Field Label

This is the field name that users will see.

Unique Field Name

This is the field name that Jama will use to manage the field behind the scenes.

Read Only

Option to disable the field on items such that users cannot edit the field. Generally the option is configured only when the field is controlled by Jama such as Created/Modified By, Created/Modified Date however it may be useful to turn on when users want to preserve field settings yet still have the ability to modify information on an item.

Allow API Overwrite

Fields that are configured to be read only have the option to be editable via the REST API. System fields like modifiedDate or rollup will not have the option to overwrite available.

Is Required

The user will be required to enter data into the field prior to saving an item. This option only affects the field types String, Text and Date.

Use to Trigger Suspect

The Suspect Links feature is populated by the updating of specific fields on individual items. This option determines which specific fields on an item makes the update Suspect.


When items are synchronized to other items, a change in a field with this checkbox will flag this item Out of Sync.