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Monitor progress

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Once a review is underway, the moderator or participants can monitor progress by viewing comments and statistics for the items being reviewed.

Filter my comments and votes

Participants can filter items in a review and show only those they commented on, voted on, or followed. Select a filtering option to show only items that match that filter.
Note: To release the filter and see the full review, click again on the filter you selected.




Participants can view all comments and use filters to see specific kinds of comments. Select Feedback under the Review pulldown to see this view. From here, participants can see comments by category, like comments, questions, proposed changes, or issues. This is also where moderators can review and respond to all comments within a review.



Filters can help pinpoint specific types of comments:


All: Every comment from the review

Open: Comments the moderator has not acknowledged or responded to

Mine: This user’s comments

Review: Comments sent to participants about the review (i.e. invite email for review)

Important: Comments the reviewer flagged as important

Questions: Comments that are questions to be answered

Proposed changes: Comments that suggest changes

Issues: Comments that raise issues


Some of the standard filters expand when selected so that the moderator can further refine their search and see comments based on approval feedback.


The moderator can easily respond under Feedback to any comment categories added by participants, like questions, proposed changes, or issues.

RC Comment Response

Within a review, if the moderator hovers over the comment, they will see the above options. Moderators can use the ! icon to flag the comment as important. Moderators have the same options as other participants (Agree or Resolve an issue, Answer a question, and Accept or Reject proposed changes). Any action that has been addressed (Resolved, Answered, Acknowledged, Accepted, or Rejected) is considered closed.

RC Comments Action

Custom filters are not available in this view, but moderators can search comments for keywords:



As a review progresses, you can view statistics about the participants' progress. You can view these changes by selecting Review > Stats in the Review pull down menu. Each participant is listed with a graph showing their progress in the review. Their time spent is shown in hours:minutes. (Note: If a tab is left open by a reviewer that time will be logged). For approvers, the graph shows how many items they marked approved or rejected.


Select Detail View to show the progress numerically, as well as the participant's overall review status.


The last list on the Stats page shows review progress for each individual item.



You can choose whether you want to get email notifications for items in reviews where you are a participant. Select your profile name in Jama to change review notification settings.


Notifications are sent when an item you are following receives a comment.

Email me updates to items I'm following - Sends email every time someone comments on items you followed
Automatically follow items I have commented on - Sends email every time someone adds a comment to items you also commented on