Move items between projects

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Move items between projects

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Move items allows you to move an item or set of items, along with all associated conversations, versions, attachments, etc. to a different project. This is useful when a project has grown too large and performance has started to degrade.



Consider the following before moving an item or set of items between projects.

Move items touches a large portion of the Jama application. Performance may be impacted at the time of the move if other resource-intensive processes are being done at the same time.
Document key IDs will be changed when moved. The new ID will be based on rules set up in the destination project.
A move cannot be undone. Users can move items back to the original project but IDs will be changed.
When an item is moved, all associated stream collaboration, activities, versions, etc. are moved into the new project. Attachments, tags, and releases will be copied into the new project.
Original attachments, tags, and releases will still exist in the source project.
Test runs cannot be moved. Test cases can be moved without impact to test runs.
Items contained in a review will not be shown in future versions of a review after they have been moved.



The user performing the move operation must have Write permissions in the source and destination project.
The items to be moved must be unlocked.
If any moved items are associated with an integration sync, integrations such as the JIH cannot be running while a move is being performed.
There is not another move operation running at the same time.
Moving items between projects is limited to components and sets only. If you are trying to move a folder of items or individual items from a component or set, you must first create a new component/set and move those items to the new component/set.


Move items

1.In the source project, right-click on the set or component of items you want to move.
2.Select Move item.




3.In the Move items to... pop-up, select the destination project.




4.Confirm the move by selecting Confirm.




5.During the move, you can choose to go to the project the items were moved to by selecting Go to project or stay in the current project by selecting Done.




6.A window will pop up to show the current status of the move




7. Once the move is complete, you can find moved items in the activity stream to view or move the files again.



If any item fails to move, the entire move will fail.
The document ID in old baselines will reflect the new ID.
Move is limited to the component or set level.