Participate as an approver

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Participate as an approver

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The role of an approver is to review the material against a particular standard and approve or reject the item for correctness or completeness at the end of the review.

Special approver actions

If you are designated as an approver, you have options under the Actions menu unique to your role.

When configured, approvers will see options to Add reviewers and Delegate my approval in the drop-down menu under Actions for that review. An approver can select Add reviewers to add new reviewers and designate any of them as approvers for the current review. Alternatively, approvers can delegate approval to another user. After delegating approval, you will no longer be an approver, but will remain as a reviewer for the current review. If you delegate approval, all new approvers receive an email notification.

Finish a review as an approver

When a moderator closes a review, approvers can mark remaining items "Approved" and add a final comment. Approvers can also request a new version of the review.


Note: Approvers can reopen their review after finishing a review (Actions > Reopen review) if the moderator has not closed the review.

Note: When configured, approvers can add a digital signature to the review. Electronic Signatures for reviews in Jama are in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11. If an approver reopens a review after adding a digital signature, the signature is removed. A warning makes this clear and asks approvers to confirm their action.
Note: Electronic signatures are not compatible with external user password management tools like LDAP or Crowd.