Perform Review Administrator tasks

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Perform Review Administrator tasks

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Perform Review Administrator tasks

Permissions for Review Administrator must be assigned by an Organization administrator. As a Review Administrator, you can view all the reviews in the organization by selecting All Reviews under Reviews.



Use the List View to sort by active reviews, archived reviews, or all deleted reviews. In the Actions column of the list, you will find a set of buttons you can use to take actions for each review. Hover the mouse over each button to identify the action.


As a  Review Administrator, you can apply the following administrative actions for each review:

Edit this review - Opens a pop-up that lets you change settings for the selected review, and add or remove reviewers and approvers.
Close this review - Closes the selected review (only available for open reviews).
Recover this review - Reopens the selected review.
Delete this review - Deletes the selected review.
Update moderators for this review - Add and remove moderators for the selected review.
Archive this review - Archives the selected review (only available for closed reviews).

Note: Moderators can perform all of these actions, except recover a deleted review.

Review administrators can also make any review public by editing the review or using the checkbox in the Public column of List View. You can set public review settings in Review Center Settings.


The Review Administrator role is intended to give high-level control over all reviews, not to give access to the individual items in review. Nevertheless, review adminstrators can access a review's content whenever:

Reviews are public
The Review Adminstrator is already a reviewer, approver or moderator in the review
The Review Adminstrator adds themself to the review, getting access to the review's content

In those cases, the review can be opened directly from its ID link, in List View.


Access to content is determined by project-level user permissions rather than review administrator status. Any user, admin or non-admin, is able to make changes to an item if they have create/edit permissions. Any user, regardless of admin status, can't make changes if they have read-only status.