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Add predefined fields

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Add a pick list field

Jama provides users with the ability to setup custom item type pick lists.

1.Select Add field.
2.Select the Predefined Fields radio button within the Select a Field type area.
3.Select the database location where the lookup value will be stored from predefined fields; this selection will not affect the users. However, Custom Report writers will need to know the mapping of the fields to the database.
4.When the selected predefined field is appropriate for a pick list, the bottom area of the window will have the section Select a Pick List. If this section is not available then you have selected a non-pick list type from the Predefined Fields drop-down.

Note: There are a finite amount of predefined fields that can be created; ex: the predefined fields that can be used for pick lists are: Status, Priority, and lookup1 through lookup10. Once a predefined field has been used for a pick list it will no longer be available in the list. If additional fields are needed, use custom fields.



5.Complete the enabled field options. See Add and Configure item types for a definition of each option.
6.Select the Pick List from the Pick List drop-down. This list is populated by the pick lists you configured on the Pick List tab. If the Pick List you want is not there, Cancel and create the desired Pick List.
7.Save the field. By default, new fields will be added to the bottom of the item type fields list.

Add a Text Area Field

The steps to add a text area field are similar to the pick list with the primary difference being options available in the bottom area of the Add/Edit Field dialog. Here you will need to determine whether or not you want the field to have Rich Text editing or just a larger area to type in than a string field would provide.

Add a Generic Data Entry Fields

Again the setup for these fields is similar to the Add Pick List but without any options in the bottom area of the dialog.


Each field (date1 through date5) will limit the user entry to a valid date and will provide a pop-up calendar picker.


The fields originalEstimate, remainingEstimate and timeSpent all only allow the entry of integers.


Flag fields will be displayed as check boxes to the users working with the item type. By default all flags are marked as No (False).


Includes the Predefined Fields: Short Name, ID, string1 through string15.

Add Jama Controlled Fields



Each pick list is populated by the list of releases created within each individual project. Item types are configured with a 'release' pick list by default. If the 'release' field is removed from the item type, it will become available in the predefined field list.

Note: only the 'release' field is capable of utilizing the full releases functionality.




Item types that include a user field will present the user with a pop-up list of users to select from. The user will only be allowed to select 1 user from the list.