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Index project data

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Sometimes changes within Jama can cause project indexes to get out of sync. This can happen with field configuration changes, large batch updates, API updates, and various other functions. If you see a symptom that your indexes may be out of sync, you should run a project re-index to attempt to resolve the issue.

When project indexes are out-of-sync, the main symptom is seeing data that is incorrect or does not exist. Examples include:

A batch update to many items is made to include a value in a specific field; however, after the update, when searching on the given field, the items expected do not appear in the results.
An item shows the value in the field but a search for the value does not return the item.


If you notice symptoms like these in your project, start with a project-level re-index. Anyone with project manage permissions or higher can take the following steps to re-index a project:


Under Project > Configure Project > Index, select Index items.




If the problem persists or seems to be spread across multiple projects, you may need to have a system administrator perform a Full Re-index.