Manage project releases

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Manage project releases

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Releases are unique to each project and thus can be managed by Project Administrator or and Organization Administrator. The release pick list on an item as well as the Releases tab within the views panel are populated by the values created within the Release list tab of the Project settings window.

Add/edit a release

1.Open the Project settings by selecting Project > Configure project.
1.Select the Release list tab.
2.Select Add release or select Edit from within the desired release's row.
3.Complete the fields and select Save.

Note: The releases are automatically sorted in the releases view and within item pick lists by the Release date.


Add release from project

Users with project management permissions can create new releases directly in the Releases tab by selecting Add release. Edit the Release field of an item to assign it to a release.



Edit a release

Select Edit in the Release list tab of the Project configuration window to edit a release. Users can rename, change the details, or modify the release date here.

Delete a release

In Project Configuration select Delete in the targeted release's row. Only those releases without any items assigned can be deleted. If you receive an error message while trying to delete a release then visit the Releases tab in the Explorer Tree and move all items in that release to another release.

Archive a release

After a release is complete it can be archived to hide it from view. Releases can be archived in the project of the release under Project > Configure project > Release list tab by selecting Archive.


To unarchive releases, you will need to check the View archived releases option so archived releases are displayed. Once the archived release is visible, select Unarchive.


Archived releases will not show up in filters or search results. However, items assigned to any archived release will. The Release field of these items will be populated and will have "(Archived)" appended to the release's version field to indicate that.