Configure project settings

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Configure project settings

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The Settings tab stores project-wide configuration options.

1.Open the Project settings by selecting Project > Configure project.
2.Select Settings > Edit to make updates.
3.Be sure to select the Save button prior to closing the Project settings window.

Options available on the Settings tab

Version items

Turns automatic versioning on and off when using the Save and close option. You may want to turn versioning off while initially creating and organizing the project.

Max items displayed in Explorer Tree

Sets the maximum number of items that will be displayed per container (project, component, set or folders) when using the explorer tree view. After an import there may be thousands of items so this can be configured to improve performance when working with large data sets.

Save Test Center Defects here:

Defects that are recorded in the Test Center are automatically sent to this location within the project.

Note: Choosing a location for defects will only allow users to select existing sets of the current project.