Set up project workflows

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Set up project workflows

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A workflow is a set of transitions from one status to another over the course of an item's lifespan. A workflow in Jama is typically used to reflect a business process.

Jama's ability to adapt to all sorts of business types, from requirements management to defect tracking to project task management, means that workflow can be set up in a number of different ways and on more than just the status of an item.

Workflow must be associated to only one pick list field per item type. The pick list used can be allowed any number of options, however. A workflow cannot be used for multiple item types, but the same pick list and settings can be easily setup for 2 or more different item types.

Workflow can also be customized for specific projects by "overriding" the existing workflow from the project configuration panel.


Setting up workflow:

To setup workflow for an item type, it must first be setup in the administration panel. Please see the Workflow setup page in Organization Administration for directions. An org administrator is needed to create the initial workflow.

Override workflow for a project:

To customize an existing workflow for a specific project, go to the project configuration panel:

1.Navigate to Project > Project configuration > Workflow
2.From here, choose the item type you would like to adjust and select Override.
3.A warning message will ask if you want to continue, select Yes.


4.Configure transitions, notifications, locking and permission settings. For details on these settings please see Workflow Configuration.


5.Select Save to save the transition and select Yes on the warning message.
6.Workflow is now customized for this project.


To change the override again select Configure override.

Deleting an override:

Another option for "Delete Override" will now display. Note that deleting this override will not delete the workflow entirely. It will only restore workflow to its original state. To remove a workflow completely, please see Removing Workflow.


Using Workflow with JIRA Connector:

Fields that are currently used with Jama's workflow functionality (e.g. status of an item) can still be synced to JIRA, but only if Workflow transition leaves that item in an Unlocked state and the JIRA field is a custom text field (rather than a pick-list). If you wish to sync fields that have active Workflow transitions, ensure that none of the transitions locks the item. If the item becomes locked, the JIRA connector can no longer sync the item.