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Projects Reading View

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Reading View shares many features with List View, but also lets you read more fully and see related items for better context.


Select items

Select multiple items by marking the checkboxes next to those items or select all items using the checkbox in the header.

Open items

Select an item ID, name or outline number to open that item for full viewing or editing.

Reorder items

You can drag items from this view to a new position in the Explorer Tree, if the item type is allowed in that location. Use the check boxes to select multiple items. Select and drag the item(s) where you want them placed in the Explorer Tree.

Add items

To add new related items in this view, select item(s), then choose the action you prefer from the Add menu.

Refresh the screen

Select the Refresh button to refresh the screen.

Change views

Use the toolbar at the top of the page to choose among Reading, List or Trace Views.

Configure fields

To choose which fields are visible for each item, select the gear icon in the toolbar to open a pop-up window. In this window select the box next to the fields you want to see, or sort your choices with the menu on the left.


View container details

Select View to see details about the current component, set, or folder.

Note: If you select View when a project is active, it will show all the items within that project.

Leave comments

Select the Comment Count indicator to open a comment pop-up and quickly add a comment.

Show related items

Select Show related items to see any items that are up or downstream. User permissions affect whether you can see the full content of related items. If the user has no permissions to a related item, there is no link to the item details.


Select the link to a related item to view a pop-up with details of that item.


Move between pages

Change pages using the toolbar at bottom. Use the arrows or type in the desired page number and press Enter to jump directly to that page.