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Use filters

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Filters can be used to quickly drill down into a group of items when viewing them in the Explorer Tree, Filter or Releases tabs.

Select Filter items at the top of the page to display the filter pane.

filter facet

The displayed items can be filtered by item type (if more than one type is being displayed), last modified date and/or author (the person who created the item).Users can also filter using keywords by entering text into the Keyword text box and hitting Enter. Clicking one or more selections or entering a keyword will filter the view and display the applied filter(s) at the top. Uncheck the selected filter in the filter pane or select the X on the applied filter to remove a specific filter.

remove filter facet hosted

Hide the filters by selecting Hide filters. Any applied filters will remain when the pane is hidden and can be seen in the margin at the top of the page:

hide filters view

Note: The filters described on this page cannot be saved. If you would like to reuse a specific filter, use the Advanced filters tab.