Relationship Status Indicator

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Relationship Status Indicator

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The Relationship Status Indicator, located on the right side of the Single Item View, is a quick way to see how many relationships your item has, as well as whether your item's relationships meet the project's relationship rules.

relationship indicator button

The item in the middle represents your item. The number above it represents how many upstream items are related to this item. The number below the item shows the number of downstream items.

Select the the Relationship Status Indicator to open the relationships tab at the bottom of the item.

If an item is not in compliance with the relationship rules, a the number of items will appear in a red circle in the direction of link that is in error, and hovering over the button will give you more information about what is causing the error:

relationship indicator red

There are three situations which would cause an error to appear:

Orphan item: This item is missing a required upstream item. Adding a related upstream item will resolve the error.
Missing coverage: This item is missing a required downstream item. Adding a related downstream item will resolve this error.
Suspect: An upstream item has changed. After you are satisfied that the item is not affected by that change, clearing the suspect link will resolve this error.

Note: If relationship rules have not been applied to the project, an error will appear only if the link is suspect.


List View

The Relationship Status Indicator can be added as a column in the List View. Hover over the relationship error to see which condition is causing the error.

listview relationship status