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Traceability within Jama is the process of linking together items that are related so that, when one changes, we know to check the other to make sure it's still correct. In Jama, traceability is defined by relationships - links between items that show how they are connected to one another. The goal is to keep track of any project changes and how they affect the rest of the work.

The types of relationships that can be created within a project are defined by relationship rules.

Relationship types used by your organization are configurable similar to the item types.

1.Login to Jama as an Administrator.
2.Select Admin in Jama's header.
3.Select Relationships in the left hand column.


4.The Relationship Types list in the middle of the page can be configured the same way other pick lists are setup.
5.The fields Show status in relationship grid and Show note in relationship grid are by default turned off. If your organization relies heavily on relationships, these fields may be helpful in tracking and monitoring those relationships.
6.See relationship rules for instructions on setting up rules.

Note: The Note and Status field is only editable when the Relationship type is set to Show note and Show status. In the Relationships widget of an item, double-click on a relationship to edit its type, direction, status, and note.