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System Administration

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System Administrators are in charge of installing and setting up Jama. They are able to access the server settings and log in as the root user. The system administrator can configure additional settings such as LDAP or Active Directory and the SMTP Mail Server, as well as upload custom reports.

System Admin - Root User

Jama includes a built-in special user called "root" that has extended access to advanced settings. Most of these settings are not available to a Jama Organization Administrator. To see all of Jama's permissions, visit Configuring Permissions.

To log in as the System Admin use the credentials listed below:

Username = root

Password = password

Make sure to change this password to a secure password via the My Profile link located in Jama's header. In addition, JAMA recommends that the email assigned to the root user be changed to that of the person administering Jama, in case the password is forgotten and the forgotten password procedure needs to be used.




Required areas of expertise

The following areas of expertise are required for a successful installation and continued administration of Jama. Consider these requirements when determining who will serve as the System Administrator who sets up and maintains Jama.

Database Administration - Must be comfortable with the setup and administration of the Jama database including database sizing, resource allocation, backups (recommended), and availability of the database engine.
Linux System Administration - The Linux System Admin must be comfortable using the Command Line Interface (CLI) including basic navigation, file manipulation, permission setting, and network configuration. These skills are necessary for installing Jama and applying updates, allocating resources, and maintaining availability and security of the server..
Directory Server Administration - Must be comfortable with the setup and administration of whatever supported directory server your organization implements.
Mail Server Administration - Must be comfortable with the setup and administration of your organization's mail server.

Note: Directory and Mail server skills are necessary only if those features in Jama will be implemented.


Jama manages system administration for hosted customers. Hosted customers can contact Jama Support for any system administration changes. For an implementation of Jama that does not require these areas of expertise, contact your sales representative regarding our hosted solution.