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Many projects contain items that often are the same or differ slightly. It is time-consuming to recreate these items every time a new project is set up or a change needs to be made to them. Jama's reuse functionality allows you to reuse items over multiple projects and synchronize them, if desired.

Tip: Many items that are reused regularly can be put into a central project, so any future changes to items can easily be maintained from one central location.

Note: During reuse, relationships may automatically be created that are inconsistent with the relationship rules of a specific project.

Note: You can only duplicate items to sets of the same item type. For example, if you have two requirement sets in a project created from the same item type then you can duplicate and move items between these sets. Sub-items behave much the same as sets: if you reuse items to a parent item, making them sub-items, they would need to be the same item type as the parent item.

How to reuse an item

1.Select item(s) for Reuse.
2.Indicate your preferred options in the Reuse item(s) window. This window has three sections:
Select Source items shows the item(s) that you have selected for reuse. (Note: It is possible to change your selection in this area if you initiated the Reuse item(s) window through the context menu in the Explorer tree, but initially, your original selection will be highlighted.)
Reuse Options allows you to select preferences for reuse.
Select Target Destination allows you to use the same hierarchy or manually select item destinations.




3.After you have made your selections, select the Reuse (and Sync) button to reuse the item(s). If you are reusing something that has already been reused, a warning will ask you whether you want to overwrite or skip the item(s).


4.Select the option you prefer:
Overwrite - This option overwrites the item(s) in the destination and replaces it with the item(s) in the source project. Overwritten items use the fields you specified for reuse. Any fields not included in the reuse operation will be set to null or their default value. Tags, attachments and links are replaced, if you included tags, attachments, and links.
Skip - This option skips any existing items in the destination, so they do not get replaced with source items.
5.The Reuse Complete window will show a summary of what was reused.


From this window, you can perform the following actions:

View Results shows you a list of all of the newly reused items.
Reuse Again allows you to reuse the same source item(s) in a different destination.
Finished closes the Reuse Complete window and the Reuse item(s) window.