Review Center Settings

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Review Center Settings

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It is possible to configure how reviews work for everyone in Jama. As an Organization Administrator, you can access the settings by selecting Admin in the Jama header and then Review Center Settings.


Select the options you want.


Disable the Review Center - This will disable access to reviews in Jama.
Reviews can be public - This option allows users with access to Review Center to have read-only access to any review marked public. This is the default option.
oAnyone with access to Review Center - When this setting is selected, anyone, regardless of project permissions, will be able to see all items in the review.
oOnly those with permission to ALL the items in the review - This option only lets users see a public review if they have access to all items in the review.
Enable review moderators to invite users outside their project - This option allows review moderators to give users access to a review, even if they do not have permissions to the project under review. This is the default option.
Allow approvers to add other reviewers and approvers - With this option, moderators can allow approvers to add more approvers or reviewers. This is the default option.
Allow approvers to delegate their approval - With this option, review moderators can allow approvers to delegate their approval role to another reviewer. This is the default option.
oAllow review moderators to invite new users to Jama by email - This option allows review moderators to invite review participants without Jama accounts by email. This will automatically create reviewer licenses for them.
oOnly allow email addresses with these email domains - This restricts who you can invite by email to only the listed domains. Leaving this blank will allow any domain to be emailed.

Note: If your company uses LDAP or Crowd, the user must be an existing LDAP or Crowd user before Jama will add the user.

Review Status Workflow

The gray bar at the bottom of the window configures the Review Status Workflow. A review marked as "Finished" or "Not finished" can be configured to trigger an automated batch update of field values for review items. For example, you can automatically change the status of reviewed items from "In review" to "Approved" when the review is marked "Finished." Or if a review is re-opened, all items can change workflow state back to "Draft," etc.

Important: If you use the item workflow, do not use the Review Status Workflow as they are not compatible. Instead, use workflow batch transitions to update review statuses.

To add a Review Status Workflow, do the following:

1.Select the green Add icon at the bottom of Review Center Settings.
2.In the field that opens, select the review status that you want to trigger the transition.
3.In the next field that opens, marked Set, set the item type to change.
4.In the next field marked Field, use the pick list to select which item type field will be changed.
5.Finally, in the field marked To, select the new field value intended for the review items.
6.Select Save settings.


Note: Marking a review as "Finished" or "Not finished" is a manual process. Moderators can elect to not utilize Review Status Workflow settings by not finalizing a review.