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Reviews provide a fast and easy way to collaborate on anything stored in Jama. Your team can discuss, review and approve information with stakeholders and customers in real-time, ensuring you get everything right the first time.

Once reviews are set up to meet the needs of your organization, reviews can be carried out through different roles.

Roles in a review

Moderators - A moderator can initiate a review of a particular item or set of items, invite participants, participate in the review, modify a review in progress, update moderators, edit an item to incorporate feedback, finish and close a review and trigger a review status workflow. The creator of a review is its moderator by default.

Approvers - Approvers can participate in a review and can approve or reject an entire review or individual items. They can also electronically sign-off on the requirements.

Reviewers - Reviewers can view a review, make comments, vote on items and mark them reviewed.

Review Administrator - Review administrators can view the list of all reviews and perform administration tasks for those reviews, regardless of whether they were invited to the review.

All participants can track the overall progress of the review and view your team’s statistics to help you determine which requirements have the most feedback, questions and issues to address.