Set up workflow batch transition

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Set up workflow batch transition

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A moderator can trigger workflow transitions for reviews with batch updates. Only moderators have access to this administrative tool, that allows updates to single items and multi-selected items as long as items are the same type and in the same workflow state. See workflow for more information on workflow configurations. Note: Athough they work similarly, item workflow and Review Status Workflow are not compatible and should not be used at the same time.

To initiate a workflow transition with batch updates this feature must be set up by an organization administrator. Once that is done, you can

1.Select Stats in the Review pull down menu.


2.Scroll to the bottom of the page and select items of the same item type and workflow state that are to be transitioned. You can select multiple items by using Shift or Ctrl keys.
3.From the Actions menu, select Batch transition workflow.
Note: Batch deletion is not available here. Only batch updates to non-workflow and workflow related fields are permitted.


4.In the Batch transition workflow window, select the intended workflow transition.

Note: If the workflow does not have another transition state to select, or if the user does not have permission, or the item is locked, a pop-up window will display a warning.




5.Select a transition, type a comment and select Commit to trigger the workflow transition. A confirmation window will show the current count of items transitioned and the current status of the transition.