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Stream emails

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When you are @mentioned in a discussion, an email will automatically be sent to you with the comment. You will also be emailed when anyone else makes a comment in that discussion thread. If you want to include someone else in the discussion and ensure that they are notified whenever someone comments, invite them to the discussion.


Reply to Comment from Email

Any user who has received an email from Stream will be able to reply to the discussion directly from the message. Simply reply to the message as you would reply to any other message, and Jama will post it as if you had replied to the comment from within Jama.

Any reply will be posted to Stream as if the user had replied in Jama, and the person who initiated the discussion or any other thread participant will also receive an email with a copy of the reply. The user can refer to a person, group, project and/or item using the @ and the person, group, project and/or item will be flagged as if the user had entered them directly into Jama.


Mute/Unmute Notifications

If you have been mentioned in a discussion thread, you will automatically receive an email anytime someone comments from that point forward. If you wish to stop receiving notifications for that thread, go to the thread in Stream and select Mute notifications:

Stream Mute Notifications

Once you have muted notifications for this thread, you will only receive future emails if you have been specifically mentioned in a comment, or you are a member of a group that has been mentioned.

Note: Muting is by thread. You must mute notifications for each thread in which you are mentioned.

To unmute notifications for a particular thread, go to the thread in the Stream and select Unmute notifications:

Stream Unmute Notifications