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Manage suspect links

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Jama tracks changes as they are made to a project. Downstream items will become suspect when upstream items are modified. Jama can display a running list of items that may need to be evaluated for impact. These are considered Suspect Links.

Suspect links by project

To view all suspect links for a project:

1.Select Project > Suspect Links.
2.This window can be used to navigate and view individual items by selecting the item ID's.


Suspect Links within an item

To view all suspect links for an item:

1.Select an item's Relationships tab.
2.From the table view review the Suspect column.


Note: Suspect links also trigger a relationship error and can be viewed from the Relationship Status Indicator in the Single Item View or on the List View (if the Relationship Status Indicator field has been added).

Clearing Suspect Links

If you’ve reviewed a suspect link and either made updates or determined there is no impact, select Clear link to remove the item as suspect. Select Clear all on the Suspect Links window to clear out all suspect links for a project.

Configuring Suspect Links

Jama will consider an update to an item as Suspect only when certain fields within an item are updated. The Suspect trigger fields are configured by the Administrator when they configure the item types. This means that a suspect link is created only when relevant fields are updated. For example, the "Status" field may change often for a requirement and the team does not want Jama to trigger a suspect link if the status changes. But the "Description" field of the requirement contains the important content that may impact downstream artifacts such as use cases or test cases. In that scenario, the team may want their Administrator to configure the "Description" field to trigger a Suspect link.

Finding Suspect Links using a filter

Create a filter using the suspect link parameter (a filter condition) to generate a list of desired suspect links.